Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My online poker story

A little bit about myself before i start.. I am a 20yr old student of computer science in London and I started playing poker around a year ago. My first game was with friends then I started playing at a casino. I paid a lot to learn but the game really thrilled me and I have developed my skills substancially, becoming a 'winning' poker player, although in fact, in terms of live poker, my winnings are the same as my losses but the difference is that my losses were at a time I was learning the game and gaining experience. Thats my story up to the summer holiday, when I started playing poker online about 6 hours a day at least. I was playing at AP (Absolute poker) at the beginning then switched to UB (Ultimate bet). I averaged around $100 a day playing $0.5/1 NL Holdem until I started playing blackjack like an idiot. I lost my entire roll three times as a result, for a total for 4.5k including 2k of my own money and 2.5k poker winnings, the most recent bust was only a couple of days ago and I'm taking a break (as well as waiting for money to arrive to my account). I've decided enough is enough, not going to play on sites that offer blackjack anymore - I'm moving to Full Tilt Poker. I am planning to start with $600-800 bankroll and play $50 buy ins, 2-3 tables a time. I'm going to have a $600 bonus to clear as well as rake back so my aim is to basically be up around $50-100 a day playing 6-8 hours + rakeback and bonus. I'm going to also experiment with $10 sng's and see how that goes.. Wish me luck!!

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